Title: Bel Helvi

Author:  Maulana Arya Alambana dan Renata Maysani Vondro

Publisher: Indonesia Writing Edu Center

Published: 2018

Have you ever had two bodies but you only have one soul? Jun and Josh’s soul must find a way to stay in one body. With a girlfriend in Josh’s life, and a childhood best friend in Jun’s, how can he chooses which body to remain in? For the first time in Grim’s life, he regrets killing someone. After taking a final leap off a building, Grim’s wish comes true. Being a serial killer on the spree since the age of ten, he has a lot of enemies. No one remembers him but his rival, another serial killer in London. Will he be able to keep his identity hidden? In this collection of short stories, we explore love in different ways and how the wishes and decisions we make can be the very different things we will regret if we’re not careful.