English Creative Writing

English Fiction Writing Program is made up of 40 meetings within 20 parts in total, in which 2 parts are held in per month.

During the first level – Level Mover – which has 5 parts and a total of 30 hours of class, students are introduced to the basics of writing as well as the introduction of fiction and non-fiction writing. In here, they are prepared to write a personal creative essay, a mini fictional story, and an article. 

The next level – Level Writer – takes up 8 parts and 48 hours of class. It will be a deep study of advanced fiction writing. Students will be guided to write a short story with complex characterisation, flowing dialogue and plot.

The final level of this program – Level Author – needs 7 parts and 42 hours of class to be completed. In this level, students will be making their first draft of their novella’s manuscript. As their novellas’ manuscripts are prepared for publishing, students will be able to choose to join a public speaking lesson that takes up a week, to be readied before their book launch.

For more info of the English Creative Writing Program, you may contact either of these three phone numbers:

Hanun – 0878 5389 8990

Maya – 0811 843 814

Luthfi – 0812 1631 3083