eros depan fix

Judul: EROS

Penulis: Fairuza Hanun Razak

Penerbit: Indonesia Writing Edu Center

Tahun terbit: 2016

Tebal: 211 halaman

ISBN: 978-602-733-516-5

Harga: Rp80.000,-


Autumn Lake thought she could have anything she wanted because of her family’s wealth. Despite her father’s wealth, there were three things she could never get with money; love, freedom, and friendship. And because of that, she had never experienced such things. She had always wondered how it felt to have them, for she was never loved by anyone; not even her own father.
Her father had always imprisoned her under his gaze, never letting her out of his sight. As the result of that, she had no one to socialize with other than her maids and her father’s coworkers and prestigious clients.
Her whole world was under the control of his hands. The only things that gave her knowledge about the world were novels, history and social science books. However it wasn’t enough, which left her to wonder how good and generous the world is.
That was until she went to college. Everything she imagined how the world outside would be went topsy-turvy.