Fun English Writing & Comic Workshop

On the 19th till the 24th of December, our Fun English Writing & Comic Workshop was fully booked and attended. Throughout the first three lessons, the seven participants learned basic grammar, the difference between active and passive sentences, punctuation, paragraphing, plotting, and characterisation. Two experienced teachers, Kak Fairuza and Kak Farah, coached them thoroughly and personally, hoping that these rules and performance in writing could continue after the workshop. In between these challenging moments, games that practice grammar and sentence coordination are played, to lighten the mood. In spite of the pressure of when keeping up their consistency of writing sentences and paragraphing, they each managed to write a 300-word story from an idea they developed over the course of two meetings.

On the last two lessons, however, the fun of comic making began. Excitement bubbled within the children of 8-12 years old. Writing had tested their chronological and analytical thinking, so the thought of doing comics, which rely on visuals and don’t require the construction of sentences and paragraphs, gave them a little bit of relief and time to unwind. The whole classroom was engulfed in laughter as the comic teacher, Kak Mira, explained to them how to draw a character. They delightedly set off to recreate their mini stories into eight panels of a comic, using the writing instruments they had and sheets of comic paper.

Based on the criteria of detail of illustration and interesting enough but tidy plot, we have chosen the Best Two Comics out of the five completed ones, which, although not chosen, still show exemplary content and quality of drawing.

Here they are, “Polybius” by Harin

and “Garage Sale” by Naura.

Congratulations to the best comics of Harin and Naura!

We can’t wait for the next workshop to be this great!

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