Penulis: Kanaya N. Ozora

Penerbit: Indonesia Writing Edu Center

Terbit: 2019

ISBN: 9786026185921

“We don’t have to wait for justice in the next world, or in the other world.”

Kinasih is the Princess of Bumi. Kareem is the Genius of Ardtoprak. After taking drugs, Kinasih finds a whole new world, filled with metal birds, metal mice, and flying carpets. She thought she’s delusional until a star lands in Kinasih’s bedroom and the grandson of a mad scientist tells a whole different story. To clear her name, to restore her honor, Kinasih fights to prove that the other world exists, only to be sentenced to a sacrifice in the name of their ancestors, while the grandson of the mad scientist, Kareem fights to end a war in his world.

Both must join and work together to find an end in their problems – with the help of the Star.