Title: Some Say Love

Author: Aziza Nathin, Dafiq Fidzli, dan Fairuza Razaq

Publisher: Indonesia Writing Edu Center

Tebal: – Halaman

Published: 2019

Some say, love…

When a lonely boy desires nothing more than someone to carry his quivering heart and loves a butterfly more than her broken wings can stand, she is trapped by her inability to take flight and her longing to stay and heal his heart. When a bullied boy stays quiet and captures his anger in a jar, nurturing patience despite the fists and spittle that fly at him, a soul with a hateful intent malforms his mind. When a girl is trapped in a glass castle of a household, made brittle by her parents’ torn knot, and a porcelain fox wills himself into a prince to help her find the love she deserves.

But love can bend itself into many things, and what seems innocent and pure at the beginning, contorts into brutal things: rivers that drown the tender reed, razors that leave the soul to bleed, and a hunger, an endless aching need. These are three tales of love; love, in many different shapes.